Palma Mallorca Saturday 15 October 2016

Palma de Mallorca Photos
October 15, 2016
Valldemossa Mallorca, Spain
October 17, 2016

Well, tomorrow is the big day in Palma-The Palma Marathon.  Yes, the marathon craze has reached the otherwise quiet and serene city of Palma Mallorca and the city is pulling out all of the stops but before we get to that, I must tell you about my wonderful lunch today at Fosh Kitchen.  Marc Fosh is undoubtedly the most well known chef in Palma and I waited too long to try to secure a table at his eponymous restaurant but I took a table at his more casual spot Fosh Kitch, a mere  stone’s throw from my apartment and right around the corner from St. Nicholas Church but more about St. Nick later!  For now it is lunch at Fosh Kitchen.  You will see a photo of myself, your blogger at my perfectly situated table on the terrace which allowed a view of the constant parade of visitors to this lovely city of Palma and yet did not completely separate me from my fellow diners and their conversations to be overheard.  One of my favorite professional restaurant critics said that overhearing the conversations of ones fellow diners was one of the major enjoyments of dining out and I must say I am in full agreement.

A lovely assortment of spicy Iranian olives, a mayonnaise, garlic and saffron accompaniment, some delicious bread and a glass of dry, crisp Rose’ of Pinot Noir Mallorcan wine got my lunch off with a bang.  My starter course was an amazing combination of grapefruit gazpacho soup, water melon cubes and sardines.  Sounds crazy, right but not so-a burst of cool watermelon and the texture of the soup blended perfectly with the mild sardines.  My main course was a tender as could be, falling off the bone, perfectly cooked confit of duck leg which is one of my favorite dishes and here prepared to perfection and superbly complimented by a puree of lentils and other vegetables.  My dessert of poached pear with pistachio crust and ice cream with carmel sauce completed a perfect Saturday afternoon lunch in the balmy air of this Mediterranean jewel of a city.

OK, so for the marathon tomorrow, signs have been posted for days warning of the streets to be blocked off supposedly from 8 am to 3 pm tomorrow but I was rudely informed by my taxi driver today, as I tried to return home from a walk to the seaside, that many streets in the city center were already blocked and that I would have to walk back.  Well, no choice so I walked back!  The seaside area of the city is festooned with banners, flags, fences and indications of the finish line area sure to be a beehive of activity tomorrow.  As the race goes right by my apartment I will try to be up in time to get some photos of the leaders as they go by.

Oh yes, I almost forgot St. Nicholas “our” neighborhood church about 15 steps from the front door of my apartment building.  It never ceases to amaze me the magnificence of the catholic churches, so frequent on almost  every street corner of the cities and towns of Europe.  Just think what all of that money could do to help those in need.  I think St. Nicholas might agree but I do digress and I apologize if I  have offended anyone.


The Blogger at lunch Fosh Kitchen Palma, Mallorca


Rose’ of Pinot Noir at Fosh Kitchen


Gazpacho of grapefruit with water melon and sardines at Fosh Kitchen


Confit of duck leg and other goodies Fosh Kitchen


Dessert of poached pear with pistachio crust and ice cream with caramel sauce at Fosh Kitchen


Palma Cathedral viewed from the sea side


Banner for the Palma Marathon tomorrow

About 15 steps from my apartment front door Pala, Mallorca

St. Nicholas “our” neighborhood church


St. Nicholas Church interior


Good old St. Nick himself!!


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  1. Diana Herring says:

    Ron, your traveling observations, descriptions of the local food and the ambience of place fill me with joy! How perfectly wonderful after a life dedicated to your work to be out enjoying the world and its beauty and mysteries. will you keep going? What country is next? Will you drop down into Morrocco?

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