Portovenere, The Bay of Poets and Lerici, Italy

Alassio Liguria, Italy.
May 5, 2018
Lucca, Italy a relatively unknown gem in the very well known region of Tuscany.
May 9, 2018

Yesterday and today saw me travel from Alassio to La Spezia at the apex of the so-called Bay of Poets and then down the northeastern side of the bay to Portovenere on the very tip of that side and then today, by a five hour boat tour, around the bay, out into the Sea of Liguria, around the Island of Palmeria, past the smaller islands of Tino and Tinetto, along the eastern coast past the towns of Lagracie and Fezzano and then smartly across the bay again to Lerici for lunch and finally back across the bay to our stating point of Portovenere!  Along the way, many interesting and amazing sights including the fantastically colored geological formations on Palmeria where Potoro black marble, prized for it’s golden veins, was mined.  The gorgeous blue green sea is so clear that the rock formations could be sighted many meters under the water line.  Combine that with a whole array of small, medium and large boats and ships, the many colorful homes and buildings of the towns and villages dotting the shores and one has a veritable feast for the eyes, with a new site around every turn and often long vistas across the water to the north and east to the Alps and Apennine  Mountains.  Unknown to many Americans, Liguria is a gorgeous Italian location and judging by the large number of tourists here even in early May, many people from Italy, Europe and abroad are very familiar with it.  I should not leave Liguria without giving my heartiest endorsement to the Grand Hotel Portovenere where I have spent the past two days and tonight my second night.  Situated above the one way streets in and out of the town, it gives an unparalled view of the colorful houses, the Church of Saint Peter high above the apex of the harbor and the Doria Castle, as well.  You will not regret a stay at this lovely hotel and not forgetting it’s well recognized Palmeria Restaurant.  Tomorrow I depart Liguria for a one day and night visit to the Tuscan towns of Lucca and Siena.  Stay tuned for more of amazing Italy!!

Dr. Ron
Dr. Ron
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