January 17, 2019

A fantastic first day in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Last night I arrived back in San Miguel for my second stay but this time for four and a half months.  I will be staying at […]
January 14, 2019

Birthday #80 in the rear-view mirror

Yes, it is over and I survived until #80 and beyond.  What a wonderful celebration with my three children and 5 or my 6 grandchildren.  My […]
January 14, 2019
Maple leaf on purple background

San Miguel de Allende on the horizon but first #80!

I have vacated my condominium in Laguna Woods, CA to begin my slow-motion trip to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico to culminate in my flight from […]
November 15, 2018

Lunch in the Countryside and a visit to the Rio Laja, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

This past Sunday a delightful new friend who is a native of San Miguel, took me to lunch at a lovely place el Vergel Bistro and […]
November 14, 2018

San Miguel de Allende Days 2, 3 and 4.

I am settling in more each day to my fantastic Airbnb at Hidalgo 47 in the Centro region of San Miguel.  Although I am close to […]

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