Alassio Liguria, Italy.

Menton, France May 3, 2018
May 3, 2018
Portovenere, The Bay of Poets and Lerici, Italy
May 6, 2018

Liguria is a region in Italy at the bend in the shoreline at the Northeast corner of the “boot” of the country and is bordered by France to the West and by the Alps and the Apennine Mountains to the east and north.  It is a rather narrow strip of land of which Genoa is the capital and it extends from Ventimiglia to the west and La Spezia to the south and has coastline of the Ligurian Sea, part of the Mediterranean Sea.  It is a beautiful region of blue sea and mountains rising as high as 6600 ft. and is known for it’s beaches, towns such as the Cinque Terre and it’s excellent cuisine based on both sea and land.  I returned to Alassio, one of the Ligurian towns closest to my base in France, to spend more time in that fashionable summer retreat well known to Europeans and where I had spent a brief morning and lunch in November 2017.  This time I spent a day, a lunch, an afternoon and an evening as well as a night at the lovely Grand Hotel Alassio.  The lunch was with my friend and chauffeur Patrick Rossi.  You will note photos of myself at the fantastic Restaurant Nove in the gorgeous Villa Della Pergola, high above the town with commanding views of the city and the sea.  Our lunch included 9 courses, preceded by two tasty amuse bouches,followed by delightfully presented dishes of artichokes, asparagus, anchovies, seared Tuna Tataki, caviar, Salmon eggs, poached egg, crispy tapioca, escargot, pasta and followed by deserts of red beetroot, ice cream and of course, followed by a selection of petite fours.  The wines included several delicious selections from different parts of Italy as well as those from Austria, the South Tyrol and France.  All in all, a delightful 3 hour lunch!!  In the late afternoon and evening I walked along the “boardwalk” fronting the Ligurian Sea of Alassio and heard Italian, French, British English and some American English too.  As night fell, I experimented with my newfound photographic technique of High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography in which several photographs of an identical scene are taken at different exposures and then combined in the Lightroom photo processing software to give a dynamic range impossible in a single photographic exposure alone.  I used the HDR technique during the so-called “blue hour” after the sun has set below the horizon and the sky turns deep blue.  See what you think.  I plan to continue to improve my HDR technique including the use of a more comprehensive software protocol which allows combining more than 3 photos to produce even more dynamic range with stunning results.  Today I traveled from Alassio to Portovenere farther along the Ligurian coast where tomorrow I will explore the “Bay of Poets” by boat trip across the Gulf of La Spezia to Lerici and Tallaro.  My base for the next two days will be the Grand Hotel Portovenere.

Dr. Ron
Dr. Ron
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