Bonifacio, Corsica said by some to be the best kept secret in France!

Bonifacio and the Aiguilles de Bavella, Corsica 9-20-2019.
September 23, 2019
Le Var, France Friday 9-27-19
September 30, 2019

Restaurant da Passano Bonifacio, Corsica.

Bonifacio, on the southern-most tip of Corsica and the southern-most city in all of France is a fantastic place to visit. The history of the present city dates from medieval times and is named after Bonifacio of Tuscany. Corsica was under the control of the Genoese of Italy until it eventually came to be part of France in 1769. Bonifacio is a fantastic city to visit. Set high above the Mediterranean Sea on bluffs of granite and surrounded by amazing limestone cliffs called “Calanques” and “falaises” and with “grottes” or grottos carved into the limestone by centuries of wind and seas, the city is particularly remarkable when viewed from the sea aboard a boat.

My tour of Bonifacio began with a walking tour in the morning along the walls of the old Citadel, through the cemetery dedicated to those who lost their lives at sea, and among the many winding, cobblestone streets. The town is home to just over  2800 permanent residents but swelled to many more than that by the influx of tourists. One CNN article called Bonifacio the “best kept” secret in France but my visit suggests that it is not so much a secret as a place known to intrepid travelers the world over.

After my walking tour, a view of Bonifacio from the sea-side was next on my list. A one hour ride by SPUD Promenades en Mer de Bonifacio gave a superb view of the harbor and the amazing cliffs and limestone formations all along the coast with the Italian Island of Sardinia visible just 11 Km away to the west and the “Haute Ville” or high village of old Bonifacio standing majestically above.

After our boat ride, lunch was at the harborside restaurant da Passano where we ate the “planche gourmande” which was a sampling of eight different Corsican specialties including a sampling of charcuterie, cheese, artichoke puree, crunchy polenta and well, you can see the whole list in the attached photos. It was a nice way to sample Corsican dishes in small portions just the way I like it.

This day, September 21, 2019, was my last day in Corsica. I have been amazed by the fantastic natural beauty of this fantastic Mediterranean island. If you come to this part of the world, I would strongly recommend a visit to this magical island. I think that you will be amazed, as I was, by not only the natural beauty but the amazing cuisine, the lovely wines, and the friendly and welcoming people. You won’t be sorry if you decided to visit Corsica and don’t miss Bonifacio!

Dr. Ron
Dr. Ron
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