Breakfast with Emma and guests in Nice, France.

Siena, Italy home of the famous Palio horse race and fabulous art, architecture and history.
May 10, 2018
La Vielle Ville or Old Town Nice, France.
May 14, 2018

Airbnb has begun a new service in which they propose various activities nearby a region where one has rented one of their properties.  I chose to try out a breakfast with Emmanuelle (Emma) Lloret at her B & B on rue Marechal Joffre in Nice, France not too far from my current Airbnb location in Menton.  I addition to providing the breakfast for up to 8 people each morning, Emma has four rooms to rent out in her lovely 5th floor apartment and yes, there is an elevator in the building!  You will see from the accompanying photos the wonderful “spread” that Emma prepares each day.  I apologize that I am not more able to describe all of the wonderful offerings of this beautiful and delicious table prepared by Emma but for sheer variety and volume it would be hard if not impossible to top.  I was able to share it with a woman from Spain, a man from Greece, two female friends from Sweden, two female friends from Berlin, Germany and a US couple living in Hawaii.

Almost all of the breads and cakes that you see in the photos were hand made by Emma and even the croissants are finished in her oven.  She is a most vivacious and gracious host who made all of us feel at home while we devoured her delicious offerings.  The combination of the conviviality and the food made for a delightful breakfast and I would highly recommend giving Emma’s breakfast a try if you are in or near Nice, France in the future.  On Monday, I will embark on another Airbnb adventure when I take in a full day of wine tasting in the Cote de Provence.  I will have a full post about that after the tour.

Dr. Ron
Dr. Ron
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