Excitement to come in April, May and June 2017

Manhattan Beach in January 2017
January 17, 2017
Polishing my photography skills in San Diego
April 11, 2017

My artist apartment on the rue Bichat, Paris 10th.

Hello to all of my followers who might have been wondering what happened to Aroundtheglobewithdrron.com in the past few months.  Suffice it to say that I have been planning trips which I believe will excite me and you, dear readers in the coming months.  My next trip will commence on April 23 and by April 25 I will be in one of my favorite haunts on the rue Marie & Louise in the 10th arrondissement in Paris for a short stay after which I will repair to my very favorite location on the rue Bichat just around the corner.  I look forward to visiting in the springtime as my former visits to this locale were in January of 2016 and September of 2016.  I look forward to viewing the wonderful Canal St. Martin in the spring when love is in the air and I expect to see couples walking together, talking together and yes, cuddling together.  For this visit to the 10th I have arranged to take French lessons from a woman recommended to me by my host Floriane on the rue Bichat and I imagine that it will be a somewhat stressful experience but I do want to improve my ability to speak French.  While on the rue Bichat I will take a short visit to the World War I sites near Chateau Thierry, the location of the very first American infantry and Marine contributions to eventual victory which many believe began with the American defense of the Belleau Woods and the town of Chateau Thierry itself in the so- called “Second Battle of the Marne” but more about that later.  I also plan to visit the American WWI cemetery at Suresnes on the outskirts of Paris.  I look forward to exploring what I have have been led to believe are the beauties of the Valley of the Marne and sharing them with you, my readers.  In May my daughter Anne will join me for a week in Paris and she will share with me the experience of living like a local in the 10th rather than the luxury of a fancy hotel.  I hope she likes it.  In mid-May my daughter and I will travel from Paris to Nice and then directly on to Menton, the charming town on the Mediterranean just west of the border with Italy.  During her visit with me we will travel to Italy for a few days and explore the magical Cinque Terre which I have read so much about, located high above the sea below, where the famous poet Percy Shelly died in a tragic boating accident.  My daughter will return home while I will remain in Menton to live like a local in that town and share my experiences with you.  Finally, near the end of May, I will travel to England and spend time in the care of Classic British Drama Tours owned and operated by my good friend Debi Hill.  I will explore a bit of Yorkshire and especially the town of Haworth and the Bronte Parsonage, the home of the famous but unfortunately short- lived Bronte sisters who gave us the immortal novels: Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights and Agnes Grey but also many lesser known but excellent novels including Villette and The Professor, among others.  Did you know that the sisters used pseudonyms when the published their works because they believed that in the male-dominated climate of the later portion of the middle 1800s their works would not receive a balanced evaluation by publishers or readers if it was known that the authors were women.  Their pseudonyms of Currier, Ellis and Acton Bell stood for Charlotte, Emily and Anne but the initials, CB, EV and AB were identical to the sisters’ initials!  I look forward to experiencing the desolate moors, where the sisters so often wandered and walked while writing their magical literary works.  So dear readers, I hope that this short post will whet your appetite for more to come and that you will keep an eye out for what I am about to experience and share with you,

My favorite restaurant in the 10th, Le Verre Vole’ on the rue de Lancry.


My artist apartment on the rue Bichat, Paris 10th.

A lovely tranquil spot unknown to the vast majority of American visitors to Paris.

It was the Hotel du Nord but now it is the location of a very nice restaurant in the 10th and just a short walk from my apartment.

Sentinels of bicycles in the 10th Arrondissement at night.

The American WWI Cemetery Meuse Argonne in France.

in what I hope will be a memorable 44 days in Europe.  Please stay tuned???  Incidentally, the photos which accompany this post were taken during my visit to France in September 2016.

Dr. Ron
Dr. Ron
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