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Chateau Thierry France May 2017
May 6, 2017
Italy and the Cinque Terre
May 21, 2017

The bay of Menton, France

Hello again dear friends and followers.  My daughter Anne Burns has been with me since May 7 first in Paris and today in Menton.  Now I suppose that most of you may never have heard of Menton and for some years I had read about it but until a brief few hour visit last October, I had never been here.  On the Mediterranean coast of France, just east of Monaco and just west of the border with Italy it is a delightful, sun filled town with which I had, as the French say, a coup de foudre or love at first sight.  During my brief visit here last year I vowed to return and so-here I am again with my daughter Anne.  I am staying in a lovely Airbnb located up a tiny street, Impasse des Capucins, just a very short walk to the sea and just an even shorter walk to the old town pedestrian zone.  But more about Menton later.  Right now a brief review of the past week or so in Paris.  In all of my many previous trips to Paris I had never visited the well known Luxembourg Gardens so one day we strolled through the lovely foliage, the children at play with their parents, the amazing statues and gorgeous landscaped gardens.  Subsequently we wandered over to the Comptoir du Relais in the Place de l’Odeon in the nearby St. Germain des Pres quarter.  Le Comptoir is a fairly touristy place but many Parisiens have lunch there and one feels a little like a Parisien and less like a tourist when surrounded by locals.  One night we had a fantastic dinner at Le Chateaubriand on the Avenue Parmentier just a short 7 minute walk from our Airbnb at 32 rue Bichat and involving 5 amuse bouches, an introductory course of veal, a fish course, a meat course of delicious lamb, a lovely selection of cheeses and two desserts! And oh yes, a series of alcohol pairings including Normandy cider, Agave, Sherry, an extract of beer, a lovely cote du Rhone and I actually forgot the dessert wine but I have the whole menu and wine pairings si I will make a special blog about Le Chateaubriand another time.  To name briefly just a few of our other adventures-the Picasso Museum. the Jeu de Paume photography exhibit, the Monet water lillys at the Orangerie,  Anne’s trip to Monet’s home in Giverny outside Paris and to Vincent Van Goh’s last home and grave site in Auvers sur Oise, breakfast at Holy Belly a great breakfast discovery in walking distance and well, just too much for all at once so just enjoy some of the attached photos and expect more details in the coming days.

Basilica spires Menton, France

The bay of Menton, France

Sainte Agnes, France 750 meters above the Mediterranean Sea.

High bridge viewed from the road leading from Gorbio to Sainte Agnes above Menton

Anne Burns in Sainte Agnes, France.

Cheese course at Restaurant Beau Sejour in Gorbio, France.

Taking a rest in the “perched village” of Sainte Agnes.


Flowers and plants in a window in Gorbio, France.

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