Hello from Paris

Paris here I come.
April 23, 2017
Lunch at Le Bistrot des Oies
April 26, 2017

Cafe-au-lait and sweet roll.

Hi everyone from 13 rue Marie & Louise Paris, France 75010 or the 10th arrondissement!  I arrived yesterday around 6 pm and fell into a coma from 8 pm last night until 8 am this morning, Wednesday April 26, 2017.  Crisp. clear and 36 degrees Fahrenheit here this morning!  Brrrr!!  I had a great French breakfast at my favorite spot for “petite dejeunuer” at 10 Belles.  The place has been upgraded since last year and after striking up a conversation with one of the two staff in French, they asked for my first name and introduced themselves as Quentin and Bronte’.  The accompanying photos are my breakfast items today-cafe-au-lait, sweet roll and herbal infusion.  I haven’t the faintest idea what was in the infusion but I could read the label pretty well and it is supposed to be good for stimulation, tranquility and vigor so I should have a really good day today.  OK, I looked up the ingredients of my infusion.  First “Fleur de Bourrache” is an extract of the so-called “star flower” and said to help with skin health.  Second is “curcuma” which is tumeric, a strong antioxidant and finally “noix de Kola” which is an extract of the Kola or cola nut which contains xanthines, especially caffeine and has been used by west Africans for millenia for it’s stimulant effect, especially among Muslims who are forbidden to use alcohol.

My photos today were with my new cell phone camera but tomorrow I will take my new Fujifilm X-T2 and get some shots of Quentin and Bronte’.  So interesting that Bronte’, a young woman, is named after the famous Bronte’ female, English, authors and I am going to visit the Bronte’ home in England at the end of  my European tour.  I am going to try out a new restaurant for lunch just down the street recommended by my  Airbnb host Eric for southwestern French cuisine and named Le Bistrot ded Oises or the bistrot of the geese for it’s goose foie gras, etc.  I can anticipate some excellent southwestern French wine too, so stay tuned as I will take my new camera and get some good photos to show you.  Oh yes, just one more thing-I smashed my left foot on something in the dark on Saturday evening and yes, it hurt a bit at the time but by yesterday I could hardly walk on it.  When I got to rue Marie & Louise my left small toe and all of my foot on the left side was swollen and black and blue.  I think it is a little better today but even on the short walk to breakfast I was limping.  I sure hope it clears up soon as Paris is definitely a walking city.

Cafe-au-lait and sweet roll.

Breakfast infusion at 10 Belles restaurant in Paris 10th.


Dr. Ron
Dr. Ron
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