Laguna Woods Village Part 2

Orange County, California
Laguna Woods, California My Amazing Hometown
September 13, 2018
Orange County, California
Laguna Beach my neighbor to the west with sun, sand, surf and lots of culture too
October 1, 2018

I had so much to tell you and so many photos that I decided to divide all of that information up into two blog posts of which this is the second.  I am using the week’s Laguna Woods Globe, the weekly newspaper for residents of Laguna Woods Village to help me remember many of the things about our village that I want you to know.  Three stories dominate the front page of this week’s edition of the Globe: 1) Death with dignity, 2) Bylaws related to the Golden Rain Foundation, and 3) an article in an ongoing discussion about the bus service in our community.  I guess those cover the “life and death” issues of my fellow villagers.  One of the great things about the Globe too is that it lists all of the activities at the various clubhouses which no one person could possibly keep track of without the Globe.  I am going to just mention a few of the interesting things going on this week: In Clubhouse 1 there is Latin Line Dancing, Badminton, volleyball, Pickleball and more.  In Clubhouse 2 we have the Korean Guitar Club, an outdoor concert, the Kiwanis Club, Laws of Attraction and Zumba plus an outdoor concert featuring the Swing Cats, to name just a few.  In Clubhouse 3, The Performing Arts Center there will be services for several religious denominations including celebrations of Yom Kippur, Lovers of Music, Chinese Singing Club and Harmonaires Rehearsal for starters.  In Clubhouse 4 we have Woodshop, Machine Shop, art studio, sewing, ceramics, Lapidary, photo lab, slip casting, and jewelry making

Clubhouse 5 has spin classes, Pilates, Chair Yoga, American Ballroom Dancing, cardiovascular fitness class and Baby Boomers General Meeting plus Monday Night Football.  Clubhouse 6 has International Folk Dancing, College Club Luncheon, Guided Autobiography, Topic Master’s Meeting, and Publishing Club Meeting.  Clubhouse 7 has the Bridge room where I play and where Bridge games of varying sophistication including Contract Bridge and Progressive Bridge as well as Bridge lessons for beginners to experts, go on almost from morning till night, every day of the week.  In addition Clubhouse 7 hosts a variety of other activities including Tai Chi, Square Dance Club, Meridian Yoga, Wellness in the Woods, Women’s Connection, Women’s Choir and Theater Guild.  In addition, upcoming activities will include movie night “The Great Showman” and a Bruce Springsteen tribute concert.  The Globe also contained the week’s activities of, by my rough count, for 87 different clubs!!  Other random and interesting listings in the Globe include a Casino Night, a performance by Jazz/pop vocalist Anne Walsh and her Grammy-nominated arranger and pianist Tom Zink,  series of performances by the Old Pros to bring various scenes from Shakespeare to life on the Patio of Clubhouse 1.  Now  the Globe is 52 pages long this week so I have been able to give you just a bit of an inkling into the myriad of activities which are available to those of us lucky enough to live in this near Paradise for the older set and yes, younger people are very welcome to visit friends and/or family but residents must be age 55 or older.

Dr. Ron
Dr. Ron
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