Le Var, France Friday 9-27-19

Bonifacio, Corsica said by some to be the best kept secret in France!
September 23, 2019
Le Var, Provence, France 9-28-2019
September 30, 2019

Domaine Font du Broc

Le Var, that region of Provence more inland and composed of hills, forests, small rivers, forests and of course, vineyards and wineries. On this Friday we drove from Nice to our first stop in Le Var at Domaine Font du Broc. The name is composed of two words “font” meaning fountain, in this case an underground spring which fills a large pond reservoir and “broc” which refers to a pitcher with a handle for scooping up the water. The grounds were purchased by a wealthy businessman and beginning in 1979 he built Font du Broc from scratch using fragments of old buildings such as doorways, fireplaces, gates, etc. and constructing the whole to look like a very old “domaine.” I tasted very nice white, rose’ and red wines from their vineyards and enjoyed a private guided tour of the beautiful property.

Our next stop, a complete surprise to me, was the American WWII Cemetery in the town of Draguignan also in the Var Region. A lovely small cemetery overall in green with the rows of crosses and Stars of David marking the graves of American soldiers who gave their lives fighting to free France and Europe in the Second World War. I find these cemeteries immensely rewarding and tranquil and food for thought in today’s world of nationalism and inward thinking. For a brief, brave shining period from 1941 to 1945, the USA lent its young men in a cooperative effort with the United Kingdom and France against tyranny.

Our next stop was my overnight location at Chez Bruno just outside the town of Lorgues also in Le Var. A lovely hotel/restaurant where we had a truffle based lunch which is the specialty of the house. Although some dishes were excellent, I found many of them to be too dark and too heavy for my taste. The ambiance of the dining area, however, was lovely. My room, named Lauriers was up a long flight of steps but in a quiet, wooded area and really very modern and comfortable. I spent a most relaxing night Chez Bruno.

Located very near Bruno is the Domaine Ott vineyards and winery. I recall vividly the uniquely shaped bottle of Domaine Ott Bandol Rose’ which I used to drink with great pleasure in the 1980s! It was a great surprise to me to see the Ott sign as we passed along the way toward Bruno. The sparkling new winery was designed by a Scandinavian architect and bears the sleek, blonde esthetic which one tends to associate with that school of architecture. The old chateau a short distance from the new winery was actually of more interest to me with its crumbling decor and overgrown with vines and with the vineyards just next to it.

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