Lunch with Keira Knightley and friend at Le Verre Vole’

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April 29, 2017
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May 6, 2017

Le Verre Vole'

Every once in a while in Paris one comes across someone famous right out of the blue.  I went to Le Verre Vole’ one of my favorite dining spots for lunch today.  I was just getting started when a young man came in and spoke to the staff in French.  He sat down to a table immediately in front of me, not 6 feet away and in a couple of minutes in walked a young woman who went directly to his table and they kissed and she sat down.  It didn’t take me but a minute to recognize her as the famous, British, actress Keira Knightley.   She was so close in front of me that if I leaned across my table I could have touched her.  Dressed down, of course, with minimal makeup her distinct and lovely prominent lower jaw and her cute way of talking confirmed who she was.  So, I confess, I was “star struck” because I think she is so beautiful and I love her films, especially her portrayal of Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice.  And I confess again that I tried to be a stealth paparazzi and discreetly take some photos with my smart phone.  She and her companion were so close that I was sure she would see me but by keeping my phone on the table, I was able to get quite a few photos without being detected.  I have edited them down to four that I particularly like so you can see what you think.  Of course, the lunch at Le Verre Vole’ was excellent-grilled anchovies to start and then the lovely, pork sausage with greens and so smooth, mashed potatoes which only the French can make taste this terrific!  Dessert, of course, a sweet, strawberry tart and cafe’ noir.  Wines were a white Muscat and a red Rhone blend both recommended by the staff and complimenting the food just right.  Le Verre Vole’ is at first a wine bar and shop and several people came in to buy one or several bottles of wine to take out.  One is, happily, surrounded by wine at Le Verr Vole’.  Incidentally, I am going to have to ask one of my French friends the meaning of Le Verre Vole’ because, I think, depending on the accent at the end it can mean “the flying glass” or “the stolen glass!!”  Either way, Le Verre Vole’ is tops with me, flying or stolen!!

Le Verre Vole’ restaurant Paris, France.

Le Verre Vole’ restaurant

Le Verre Vole’

Le Verre Vole’


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