Menton, France.

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May 21, 2017
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May 28, 2017

Menton, France Town Hall.

You have probably never heard of the town that I fell in love with in October 2016 during a brief few hour visit-Menton.  A city of about 28,000, situated on the Mediterranean Coast of France, a part of the so-called Cote d’Azure or French Riviera, just a few miles west of the border between France and Italy.  Prehistoric ruins, grave sites etc. date back thousands of years and the region has been at various times part of Italy, Sardinia, Monaco and since the mid-1800s part of France.  The climate is typical Mediterranean with cool winters and rather warm and somewhat humid summers.  Menton is home to the gorgeous Val Rahmeh Gardens, The Jean Cocteau Museums and the lovely 18th century Basilica Saint Michel.  Each February/March Menton hosts the popular Lemon Festival and yellow and the lemon are the unofficial mascots of the city.  I was drawn to the sparkling beauty of Menton’s homes and buildings, the profusion of flowers and trees and plants and the Alps Mountains towering just above the city.  Menton is a very popular tourist site for Europeans and increasingly for Asians as well.  Americans are few and far between.  I love it!

Menton France

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