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Last night at the Barbican
November 30, 2017
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Hola from Mexico City!
February 17, 2018
Carneros region of Napa Valley

Grape vines dormant in winter.

I know that I haven’t been keeping up with my blog but that is about to change.  I will arrive in Mexico City for 4 days of the International Living Conference about moving to and living in Mexico.  Now the first thing everyone of my friends says to me when I tell them I am going to Mexico is “oh but Mexico is so dangerous.”  Just like in big and small cities in the USA there are certainly places in Mexico and Mexico City that are dangerous for foreigners but I will not be going to those places.  The conference takes place in the Hilton Hotel Reforma, Mexico City a very modern, well equipped and safe location.  I do plan to venture out into neighborhoods in Mexico City especially to take many photos to place on this blog and to submit for Stock Photography sites for sale.  I have come to realize that without considerably more effort on my part, that I cannot make much of an income from stock photography, despite what some people say is possible.  More on that later.  On my first full day in Mexico City I will take an all day Spanish class with a bunch of other meeting attendees.  Then from Thursday evening until Saturday evening the meeting will be in full swing and I will try to make daily updates about what is presented.  The meeting will highlight talks from expats who are now living full time in Mexico and who will share their insights about their experiences as a guide to those who might consider doing the same.  As for me, I doubt I would live full time in Mexico but I am interested to hear about places that those of us who live in the USA never hear about, such as my destination after Mexico City the town of Ajijic located on the north shore of Lake Chapala about an hour Southwest of Guadalajara.  I will fly from Mexico City to Guadalajara on the 19th and remain there until I return home on February 26th.  Ajijic (pronounced “Ah,heehic”) and the adjacent town of Chapala are home to the largest concentration of expats by comparison to the local population in the world!!  Actually, in total about 4 million Americans and many more Canadians and Europeans as well as South Americans live in Mexico!  I will stay in what appears to be a very nice Airbnb in Ajijic, run by a very nice woman originally from San Francisco so I will add to my, so far, very good experiences with Airbnb.  My stays now include Hay on Wye in Wales, London, Paris and Menton, France and all of them have been really good.  I am working on packing now because I am going to make this trip with only two pieces of carry on luggage.  For most of my overseas trips I have one checked bag and two pieces of carry on luggage because I have to always take up quite a bit of space due to the need to bring along enough colostomy supplies for the whole trip.  I have not mentioned before the fact that in January 2008 almost exactly 10 years ago I had a ruptured colon and required a major bowel operation that left me with a permanent colostomy.  It is something that 96% of the time I don’t even notice but I must always plan for and every once in a while, causes me a lot of distress.  All in all, I am quite used to it and it causes me little or not inconvenience most of the time.  The surgery saved my life because I had peritonitis, a potentially fatal infection of the peritoneal lining of the abdomen, due to three separate ruptures of my colon caused by diverticulitis!  Well, enough of that but I am very much looking forward to my visit to Mexico.  My first visit was way back in 1971 when I was a resident physician in training in Syracuse, New York and my Professor, Dr. Robert B. King, invited my wife and I to travel with him to Mexico City to present a research paper at the American Academy of Neurological Surgery Annual Meeting.  I can still remember how impressed I was with Chapultepec Park and the National Archeological Museum as well as our evening trip to the light show at the Pyramids of Teotihuacan one of the amazing Aztec ruins near Mexico City.  My second visit was only in 2015 when I visited the “Mexican Riviera” including Playa Del Carmen and Tulum.  I am looking forward to seeing Mexico City again some 47 years later and exploring Ajijic and Chapala.  Look for new updates beginning on Thursday February 15th!  Oh yes, I am attaching a few photos from a recent trip up to the Napa Valley Wine country.  I hope that you enjoy them!!.

Dr. Ron
Dr. Ron
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