My last day in Nice, France

Le Var, Provence, France 9-28-2019
September 30, 2019
Back home in Sunny Southern California
October 28, 2019

Nice, France Hotel Negresco

It is always bittersweet for me when a long trip abroad, especially to France, well to Oxford, England too, comes to an end. It was a lovely visit started with the pomp and spires of Oxford, to the sun and cuisine of Provence to the amazing natural beauty and variety of sights of the Island of Corsica. I took my last stroll tonight into the pedestrian zone where there is a notable drop off in the shops that are open late and the number of tourists frequenting the cafes and restaurants. The weather is noticeably cooler too with daytime temperatures in the low 70 and nighttime in the low 60s but the sun has shone every day of my visit so what more could a traveler ask for?

Tomorrow I begin my journey home with a flight from Nice, France to London where I will spend the night at the Sofitel Hotel attached conveniently to Terminal 5. On Thursday I will fly from London to New York JFK where is will overnight again at the TWA Hotel near Terminal 5. Friday I will take Jet Blue from JFK to LAX and then my wonderful son Scott will drive me back home to Orange County, California.

I will be back home for a little over a month when in mid-November I will fly from Las Vegas to London where I have arranged to see three Shakespeare plays by the Royal Shakespeare Society at the Barbican Theater and also two symphony performances at the Barbican and something that I am really looking forward to, an evening with Ian McKellen at the Harold Pinter Theater in London’s West End. I saw McKellen do a one-man “Talking Shakespeare” evening in Los Angeles in perhaps 1985 or so and it was wonderful. His new one-man show has gotten great reviews so that will be a special experience.

For now though, my Oxford, Nice, Corsica adventure has come to an end and oh yes, my planned trip to Camogli, Italy was canceled at the last moment so that is a place that I might consider for a future visit although I have sort of set my sights on Sicily, Italy sometime next year, if I can afford it! For now, goodbye and I leave you with some final scenes of the Nice nearby me during the daytime, in the city, along the beach and at night. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did in taking the photos. To all and see you again soon. Au revoir and a bientot!

Dr. Ron
Dr. Ron
I am a 77 year old neurosurgeon who has had the "travel bug" for the past 36 years and who has been interested in photography as long as I can remember. My site is intended to convey the excitement that I feel when I travel, to my viewers in words and pictures. I also hope to provide my viewers with my recommendations for places to visit, places to stay, where to eat and generally my recommendations "if you go!"

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