My last Day in Paris

Breakfast In America and Geoffrey Rush In Paris!
September 26, 2016
The French Riviera
October 1, 2016

Yesterday Tuesday September 27, 2016 was my last day in Paris and I wanted to share some of this exhilarating day’s experiences with you.  First off was my breakfast at my favorite spot for petite Dejuner (breakfast in French) in the 10th called 10 Belles and so named because it is in the 10th arrondissement and it is located on rue du Grange Aux Belles.  There are 3 attached photos of that cute place which serves an eclectic mix of denizens of the 10th but virtually no tourists like me.  This is my fourth breakfast at 10 Belles and their delicious scones come with butter and very tasty raspberry jam and I always take a bottle of very tasty orange juice and of course their excellent cafe’ au lait.  The place is tiny, the seating is on overturned boxes and the staff is as kind and helpful as they can be but don’t expect ham and eggs or pancakes, for that you must go to Breakfast In America!

As this was my last day in Paris, I was due to return the suit that I had rented for the fancy dinner at Helene Darroze on last Friday night.  Now as I have mentioned in the past, the suit rental shop is way across town in the fashionable 15th and the route from 13 rue Marie & Louise in the 10th to 106 Boulevard de Grenelle in the 15th involves a 450 meter walk to the metro station, a short metro ride, a transfer via a the very large Republique metro station, a second fairly long metro ride and then a short walk to the rental shop.  I left at 10 am so the “going to work” crowd on the metro was gone BUT when I arrived at the shop to return the suit, “horreur” I forgot the pants!  When I put what I thought was the entire suit into the carrier bag to return it I forgot to check to see that the pants were there and when the clerk pointed it out to me, well, to say that I felt “stupide” is not to overstate my feeling coupled with a sense of anger at myself for being so careless.  But, no choice, I had to entirely retrace my steps all of the way back to the apartment, get the pants and then once more return to the rental shop!.  All of that coming and going took nearly three hours but my reward at the end was a delightful lunch at a cute little restaurant so typical of Paris, unknown probably only a few blocks away and with a small but very intriguing menu accompanied by a small but comprehensive wine list.  T he restaurant Marie & Louise was literally four steps from my front door at number 13 and all in yellow as the photos will show.  My lunch of really excellent, flavorful and crunchy ravioilis of snails, main course of tuna steak with vegetables and fish sauce, desert of poached paear and rhubarb with brown sugar and two glasses of Cote de Provence rose’ couldn’t have been better if I had eaten it in  Michelin 3 star restaurant.  That lunch proved a perfect antidote to my adventure with the rented suit return and a fine conclusion to my two week stay in the 10th.  I din’t think that most first time visitors to Paris would find the 10th to their liking but for those who wish to enrich their Paris experience beyond the usual tourist locations, the 10th with it’s prozimity to the Canal St. Martin and the great variety of restaurants, shops and street life both day and night, I would highly recommend that they spend some time in the 10th.

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