Palma de Mallorca

Monday in Avignon-Le Palais des Papes, des Teinturiers and Le Pont du Gard.
October 13, 2016
Palma de Mallorca Photos
October 15, 2016

Today is my fourth day in Palma de Mallorca the capitol city od the Island of Mallorca, the largest of the so called Balearic Islands of Spain which also include Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera and a number of other scattered smaller islands.  Mallorca has a long and interesting history but I won’t bore you with that but I want to emphasize the beauty of the city, the variety of it’s restaurants and shops, the vibrancy of it’s people and the interesting mixture of visitors from all over the world.  My apartment here is in a perfect location just off of the Placa Mercado or market square and almost next to St. Nicholas Church.  The climate in Palma this time of year is lovely, low 70s, clear blue sky and just enough humidity to remind one that Palma is in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.  Yesterday I took a guided tour with my energetic, knowledgeable and enthusiastic tour guide Ana whose photo I will post.  Her familiarity with the city, it’s history, churches, architecture, restaurants and lively squares mad for a fun exploration of this amazing city.  I guess you can tell that I love Palma!  The language however can be a little difficult as Spanish is, of course, the primary language but the Balearic Islands are part of Catalonia so Catalan is also spoken here and finally Mallorquin the local dialect can be heard too as well as a myriad of foreign languages primarily English and German.  I hope that the attached photos will give you a glimpse of Palma and I am going to close with a description of my lunch yesterday at Restaurant BiBap which is literally a stone’s throw from my front door.  As the name suggests, the restaurant has a Korean theme but the personnel are mainly from the Phillippines and my main dish, as you will shortly discover was a delicious Phillippine take on chicken.

My starter course was an amazingly flavorful Ceviche of Daurade served in a cocktail glass and tender and bursting with flavor as one could imagine.  My main course of Phillippine style checken legs accompanied by red and green  peppers, wonderfully flavored sauce and around the outside of the dish, small splashes of red pepper sauce for those who like some heat with their chicken.  Mixed with white rice and the sauce, the addition of some of the hot sauce made the flavor combination amazing.  The restaurant opens onto the lively Placa Mercado so people watching while enjoying the attentive and happy service of the restaurant staff as well as delightful Spanish dry white wine made for a truly memorable lunch.  If you come to Palma don’t miss BiBap!! I am sorry to say that at present my internet connection will not allow me to upload my photos to the blog but I am going to publish it anyway and hope that later today I will be able to upload the photos.  I think you will like them.

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