Port de Soller Sunday 23 October 2016

Soller, Mallorca, Spain 21 October 2016
October 21, 2016
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November 25, 2016

You may recall my earlier ill fated trip to Port de Soller when I failed to get off of the tram and ended up with an immediate round trip from Soller to the port and back.  Today I was much smarter, experience does teach one somethings.  I took the 1 Euro tram ride on a lovely, warm, sunny, Sunday and actually got off at the port stop.  Sunday in Spain, as in most of continental Europe, is a family day and so the tram was rather crowded with parents, children, grandparents and of course, tourists like me.  It seems that all of Germany has descended on Soller so that one rarely hears English spoken in preference to German and of course Spanish but also Catalan, Mallorca being part of Catalonia and the odd admixture with the local dialect Mallorquin.  One of my Airbnb hosts, Barry, recommended Cantina Marinara as a good restaurant for lunch and when I saw the menu with fried Anchovies as a starter and Salad of Sardines as a main course my mind was made up.  The Anchovies did not have the very strong salty flavor that we are accustomed to in the USA but were a delicious, crunchy beginning to a harbor side lunch.  I was of course, used to the skinless and boneless canned Sardines I often ate at home but as you will see from the photo, there was work involved in obtaining the tender and very mild flavor of the grilled Sardines combined with the extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing of the salad.  So many of my family and friends shy away from anchovies and sardines but these smaller fish at the bottom of the food chain contain excellent nutrition and minimal amounts of the mercury and other contaminants found in larger fish.  Topped off with chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream and followed by a cafe’ con leche it was a perfect harbor side lunch.  Strolling along the harbor and enjoying the people watching, including the occasional amorous couple, I was struck again by the beauty and the majesty of the Serra de Tramuntana Mountains which so gracefully enfold the Port and the town of Soller.  Oh yes, Soller and it’s pronunciation; it is not pronounced as we might in English as “souler” but the double l is pronounced like the “Y” pronunciation in French and the e is pronounced like a long a in English, so phonetically “soyyea” is how the natives pronounce it with little or no sounding of the terminal r, again as in French.  I was told by one of my Airbnb hosts that Catalan has great similarity to French so thus the pronunciation of Soller!


Port de Soller


Port de Soller


Serra de Tranmuntana and Port de Soller, Mallorca


Young love at the port on a Sunday.


My lunchtime dining choice at Port de Soller


Ah fresh Sardines!!


The real thing, salad of grilled Sardines harbor side Port de Soller


The lovely Island of Mallorca


Port de Soller and the Serra de Tramuntana


Port de Soller


Flower child in Port de Soller


The beach


Port de Soller


The beach at Port de Soller

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