San Miguel Cultural Center, Chapel of Santa Cruz del Chorro and Casa del Parque.

San Miguel de Allende
Calle San Martin, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico!
April 26, 2019
San Miguel de Allende
Ruby Joy’s Restaurant San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
April 29, 2019
San Miguel de Allende

Carnitas tacos with salsa Casa del Parque

I have a couple of suggestions for you if you are visiting San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. They are the Cultural Center and the Belmond Sierra Nevada Hotel and Restaurant “Casa del Parque.” Both are located at the juncture of Recreo and Diezmo Viejo. You might remember Recreo because I stayed for two weeks at Recro 11 and on my first trip to San Miguel in November 2018 I took a restaurant walking tour which began right were the Cultural Center and Belmond hotel are at the Lavaderos del Chorro which is the place that people used to come in the past to do their laundry by hand because the “chorro” or literally translated “jet” of water came down from the mountains and you will see that the chorro is represented in the Cultural Center as well because the supply of water from the mountains was crucial to the people who originally settled San Miguel.

The hotel restaurant which I shall describe last is located at the bottom of the hill where the water flowed down and the Cultural Center is located up either a winding paved road or a series of winding stone stairs which is how I got there and the Chapel is at the top of the hill. The official name of the Cultural Center is the Direcion Cultura y Tradiciones if you are trying to find it on a map. The “direcion” or directorate has as it’s mission the preservation of the cultural traditions of the citizens of  San Miguel through the organization of a variety of cultural events such as musical performances, dance performances, plays, and lectures. At the center itself I found mainly offices for various employees of the organization who are the ones responsible for the activities of the center. It is not a museum but the building itself standing upon the hill is attractive and the climb up the hill is rewarding for excellent views of the City of San Miguel.

A further climb up the hill leads to the Capilla Santa Cruz del Chorro. OK there is the Chorro again. The chorros or aqueduct as I mentioned was essential to the survival of the original inhabitants of San Miguel and is recognized in the names of adjacent structures. Unfortunately for me, the gate surrounding the chapel was locked but I had an even better view of San Miguel spread out below. The chapel is actually one of the most important historical sites in San Miguel dating from the 16th century when the second group of settlers named the village Itzquinapan in the Nahuatl language and is translated as “water or puddle of dogs” because legend has it that dogs let the people to this spring which was the water supply of San Miguel for centuries.

It is certainly easier going down the steep hill than going up but as in running, it seems that going down is even more stressful on the quadriceps muscles than going uphill! At the bottom, one is rewarded by the lovely Casa del Parque which is a satellite of the Hotel Restaurant Belmond Sierra Nevada located more centrally in town. The Casa is a rather pretty building and the restaurant is in a lovely classical Mexican room, open on one side to a rather green oasis of plants. The menu was very inviting and my two courses, the first a roasted corn, and cheese appetizer and the main course of tender, juicy carnitas tacos with diced tomatoes and onions and a nicely spiced salsa made for a most delicious and satisfying lunch after my climb up the hill and back down.

If you visit San Miguel, I recommend a visit to this historical place and by the way, just a little farther along Diezmo Viejo and you arrive at the fantastic Parque Benito Juarez but that is the subject of another blog post coming soon so keep tuned for more exciting posts about this amazing city of San Miguel de Allende! I love it here!

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