San Miguel de Allende on the horizon but first #80!

Lunch in the Countryside and a visit to the Rio Laja, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
November 15, 2018
Pancho's Restaurant
Birthday #80 in the rear-view mirror
January 14, 2019
Maple leaf on purple background

Autumn leave on violet

I have vacated my condominium in Laguna Woods, CA to begin my slow-motion trip to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico to culminate in my flight from LAX to Leon, Mexico on January 14th but first #80. Yes, it is true but I can not believe it. What an amazing odyssey from Philadelphia Street in Buffalo, New York via Minneapolis, Minnesota, Long Beach, California, Vacaville and Fairfield , California to Syracuse, New York and back to Los Angeles where, pretty much since 1977 I have been, except for a five year sojourn to Seattle, Washington-1939 to 2019-Buffalo Children’s Hospital to Manhattan Beach, California. It will be my great pleasure to celebrate my 80th birthday this Friday 1/4/2019 with my children and grandchildren in Manhattan Beach.

Since I have left my condo in Laguna Woods in the hands of a very nice gentleman until June 1, 2019, I will be staying in an “interesting” Airbnb in Santa Ana before and after my birthday celebration until I depart for Mexico. I say “interesting” because there are some good and some not so good features but, I guess for the very modest price it commands, I shouldn’t complain. There is a very nice clean enclosed garage with immediate access to my room. I say my room because that is what I have, a room. The room is clean and very new with an adjacent but shared, I think, bathroom which has a nice large shower, good water pressure and lots of hot water. I was pretty cold last night because the heating system was out of order. You may scoff at my saying that I was cold in California but with no heat and an overnight temperature in the mid-40s it was chilly. My lovely granddaughter Kelsey and my daughter Anne have come to my rescue with a very effective electric space heater. I am cozy now!

Today, January 3, 2019 I have moved from my Airbnb to the Hotel Shade in Manhattan Beach, CA compliments of my lovely daughter Anne Burns and her husband John.  I will spend the next 3 nights here with plans for a big 80th Birthday celebration lunch on January 5 even though my actual birthday is January 4th.  It was easier to get everyone together on a weekend day rather than on a Friday the 4th.  No matter, it will be fun with my three children and 5 of my 6 grandchildren as well as two of my three sons-in-law.  Only my son-in-law Bob Frier and my grandson Alden Frier back in Florida will miss the celebration.  I am very thankful that so many of my family will be here to celebrate #80 with me.  After that about a week and then January 14th off to Mexico until June 1, 2019.  Happy New Year to everyone.

Dr. Ron
Dr. Ron
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