Shakespeare and London with a short stint in Menton beforehand.

Lake Arenal and the volcano.
August 24, 2017
Menton, France November 3, 2017
November 3, 2017

Hi everyone,

I know it has been a while since I posted on my blog.  I have been consumed with becoming a stock photographer and I am happy to report that I have now sold a total of 5 photos on the AdobeStock site.  I do have photos for sale on both Alamy and Shutterstock but so far no sales on those sites.  Today I begin a journey back to Europe via New York and London to Menton, France my “coup de foudre” or “love at first site” town on the southeastern Mediterranean coast of France, just a few miles from the border with Italy.  I will spend two weeks there and hopefully enlarge my photographs enough to make a considerable addition to my stock photography portfolios.  I am also planning a train trip from Menton via Ventamiglia, Italy to the coastal town of Alassio, Italy.  Alassio was recommended to me by my long time barber in Manhattan Beach, California who is Argentinian via Italy and has traveled widely and has similar interests to mine.  The main reason for my trip this time is to attend three performances of Shakespeare by the Royal Shakespeare Company of England, probably the most well known Shakespeare performance company in the world, based in Shakespeare’s home town of Stratford-upon-Avon but for the winter season performing at the Barbican Theater in London.  I have tickets for Coriolanus, Julius Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra.  I have read all three plays and I have looked at filmed versions of Coriolanus starring Ralph Fiennes and Julius Caesar starring Marlon Brando.  I will take my Folger Shakespeare printed editions of the plays along with me because even though I am familiar with the plays, understanding the spoken speech can be difficult, so I try to pay attention to the action, hear the words and keep an eye on my written versions of the plays.  It is always interesting to see how filmed versions, live action versions and the written versions often are not exactly the same.  I will be staying in new Airbnb accommodations in both Menton and London so I will be giving you some updates and photos from them as well.  I have, in general, been very pleased with my Airbnb accommodations so far in France and England, so we will see how the new ones work out.  My daughter Anne will drive me to the Hilton Hotel near LAX where I will spend the night tonight before my trip from LA to New York tomorrow.  On Wednesday I will fly from New York to London where I will stay overnight at the Sofitel in Heathrow Terminal 5 and then on Thursday I will fly on to Nice Airport which is only a short one hour drive to Menton.  I find that breaking up the trip this way, even though it takes up a few extra days, works better for me than flying say LA to Paris and then on to Nice/Menton.  My daughter Anne asked me to take a family photo which they will use for their Christmas cards this year and with her permission I will put one of those photos here for you to see.  I have a long way to go as a portrait photographer but portrait work is not a main photographic interest of mine.  I have a new Canon 5D Mark IV full frame DSLR camera which I used for the photos of Anne and her family and which I am taking along on this trip.  It is heavier and bulkier than my mirrorless Fujifilm camera but the full frame function means that the file size of the photos is larger and processing them does not result in excessive compression, which can result in unwanted electronic noise which makes photos unacceptable to the stock sites.  I hope to have lots of photos for you to see.  Until my next stop, au revoir!

From left to right, Kevin, Anne, John and Kelsey Burns.

Hibiscus flower in Costa Rica

Sun, sand and surf on the California coast.

Laguna Beach, California at sunrise.

Sunrise Laguna Beach, California

Sea Gull strutting on the quiet beach at sunrise

Macro photograph of pink Rose.

Pink rose in macro close up at sunrise in Laguna Woods, California.

Plumeria in macro

Plumeria flower in macro photograph

Dr. Ron
Dr. Ron
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