Soller, Mallorca, Spain 21 October 2016

The Port de Valldemossa and adieu.
October 20, 2016
Port de Soller Sunday 23 October 2016
October 23, 2016

Foyer of my apartment in Soller


Sitting room of my apartment in Soller


Garden of my apartment in Soller


Garden of my apartment in Soller


Serra de Tramuntana, Mallorca, Spain


Serra de Tramuntana Mountains


The Tram to Port de Soller


Port de Soller


Port de Soller


Serra de Tramuntana Mountains


Serra de Tramuntana from the tram


Orange groves along the tram route

On the left is the train to Palma. On the right is the tram to the port.

Train Station Soller, Mallorca, Spain

Today you will accompany me on a very pleasant but somewhat embarrassing trip on Soller’s tram from the town of Soller to the Port of Soller and return.  Now I had intended on spending some time at the port, perhaps having lunch there, certainly strolling from one end to the other and generally enjoying the delights of the harbor.  As you will see however, things didn’t quite turn out as I had expected.  Our trip together will begin with a few photos of my lovely accommodation in the villa of Barry and Pablo just steps from the train station where Barry obtained for me a resident pass as his “uncle” from America!  A one way trip on the tram from the train station to the harbor is usually 6 Euros but with my pass, only 1 Euro!  For the train from Soller to Palma the savings is even more but that excursion is for another day.  You will see some of the lovely Serra de Tramuntana along the route of the tram which covers about 2 km in about 20 minutes including one stop along the way.  We arrived at the port and I descended from the train but saw some tracks still ahead and saw that we had not reached the end of the port so I tried to ask the conductor if the train went on farther.  Between my poor Spanish/Catalan/Mallorquin and his English I thought that he had indicated yes, the train went on farther so I reboarded again and what do you know, we were on our way back into Soller and no way to get off before the station!!  So I enjoyed the views going and coming on the tram some of which I will share with you in my photos.  The Serra de Tramuntana although only about 1200 m or just short of 4000 ft. in maximum height, never the less provide a formidable challenge to those who wish to try their rock or mountain climbing skills.  The occasional snow and ice in winter only increase the challenge but as my mountain climbing days are behind me the Serra de Tramuntana will remain a beautiful memory of the lovely Island of Mallorca.  Orange groves are frequent along the train route and along with olive trees provide the most important crops of this mainly agricultural economy.  At this fall season of the year unfortunately, the orange trees are not in bloom, as they are in the spring but some fruit can be seen occasionally on trees along the train route. So it was a round trip for 2 Euros but only a short glimpse of the port but as I have a full week in Soller there will definitely be a second and more knowledgeable trip back to the port later this week. I hope that you enjoy the accompanying photos and stay tuned for a visit to the botanic gardens, a long train trip to Palma, hikes to the nearby towns of Biniaraix and Fornalulx and a lot more as continues to explore Mallorca.

Dr. Ron
Dr. Ron
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