The Best Sushi Restaurant in Tulum, Mexico!

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March 25, 2019
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Tulum, Mexico

Rainbow Roll NAO Sushi Restaurant

I found what I think is the best sushi restaurant in Tulum, Mexico and it is called NAO which is the shortened form of the chef’s full Japanese name.  Now I admit that my exploration of Japanese and/or sushi restaurants is limited but I think that it would be hard to beat NAO no matter what.

If you are looking for a Japanese restaurant in Tulum, I recommend that you try NAO.  Located near the southern end of the main drag in the Town of Tulum, as opposed to the beach road, NAO has a delightful décor based on black but with a large, colorful, Koi fish depicted on one wall, a delightful Japanese scene on another wall and a very nice bar along the third wall.

The fourth wall is all glass looking out onto the street.  A really great aspect of NAO is its air conditioning which is very rare among any kind of restaurant in Tulum.  The temperature in Tulum during the daytime at this time of year reaches the lower to mid-eighties Fahrenheit and because Tulum is at 6200 feet altitude, the sun’s rays are very strong.  It is a real treat to walk from a hot, dry, street into the cool atmosphere of NAO.

Well, how about the food?  Delightful and very typical Japanese cuisine.  Sashimi of salmon was full of flavor and delicious as can be.  My rainbow roll was full of crunchy textures, fresh and pleasing.  Nigiri sushi of all kinds is on the menu with a whole variety of hand rolls and cut rolls.  Tempura is available for those who prefer that.  In short, the menu is extensive and sure to please anyone who likes Japanese food.

I particularly enjoyed the excellent green tea brewed in an unusual double glass device.  And to top off my lunch was a green tea ice cream dessert with chocolate decorations and frozen raspberries.  I should also mention the attentive and very helpful service.

For a delightful Japanese style lunch or dinner, I don’t think that you can beat NAO.  For my money, it is the best sushi restaurant in Tulum and it is open every day from noon until 12 midnight!  If you are in Tulum and looking for a Sushi restaurant, I recommend that you give NAO a try.  I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Dr. Ron
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