Tulum playa, a day at Tulum beach.

Calle Luna del Sur
Hola from Tulum, Riviera Maya, Mexico!
March 21, 2019
Tulum Beach
El Pez Restaurant for lunch on Tulum Playa
March 25, 2019

Playa Las Palmas Tulum Beach

Yesterday was my beach day but I was so tired when I got back that I couldn’t write my blog post yesterday so I am doing it bright and early on Friday morning.  Before that though, I see that Syracuse lost in the NCAA tournament yesterday but my Buffalo Bulls and the UC Irvine Anteaters both play today.  Here in Mexico we do get most of the games on ESPN Deportes with commentary, of course, in Spanish!

OK, now back to the Tulum beach.  I was able to make a connection with taxi driver Pedro who drove me the 5 km trip to the beach and then drove me up and down the beach to experience and photograph different beach areas.  The main road from Tulum to the beach intersects the beach road at the 90-degree angle and there are beaches north and south from there.  We went north first to two different beaches and then south to another one.  the whole beach strip north to south is a little over 10 miles with just one paved road all the way.

Our first north beach was Playa Las Palmas one of the Tulum Public Beaches.  Some of the beach areas belong to beach clubs which provide things like beach chairs, umbrellas, showers and food and drink and are private although you can just pay a fee and spend as much time as you like there.  The most expensive club, Papaya Playa,  requires you to spend at least $25 per person in food and drink but you can stay there all day.  Other clubs are much less expensive.

I should say here that Tom, the proprietor of Posada Luna del Sur, my hotel in Tulum, provides an excellent detailed map of the town area of Tulum and also the beaches with his personal recommendations for his favorite restaurants in town, his favorite beaches and beach clubs and his favorite beach restaurants with detailed descriptions of each and a price estimate from $ to $$$!  He also provides a list of “other useful places” like a supermarket, bank, pharmacy, ATM, bus terminal, etc. and for each entry he has marked the location on the map.  I have found this to be extremely useful.

OK back to the beaches that I visited.  At least on the day of my visit, Thursday, there were surprisingly few people on the beaches and plenty of room to spread ones beach blanket and walk a very short distanced to dip ones toes in the lovely, warm Caribbean Sea water.  Actually, I did dip my toes in but unfortunately, I had my sneakers and socks on so I got them rather wet quite by accident while I was taking photos and an incoming wave got me!  Playa Las Palmas has soft, fine sand to sit or walk in with some seaweed washed up at high tide but altogether quite clean and inviting.

My next beach was Playa Pescadores or Fisherman’s beach just a short distance further north.  There is a Playa Pescadores beach club which Tom describes as providing “great service, fresh fruit smoothies, cold beer and fresh tacos, seared tuna and chorizo are Tom’s favorites and he says and I agree, what else can you ask for???”  Playa Pescadores as one might expect has several fishing boats beached on the sand and also has nice, fine, soft sand and plenty of space for one to make a temporary home with ones beach blanket, etc.

Next we headed south, passing the road into town and continuing for perhaps a mile or so to El Pez Restaurant and the associated beach.  El Pez is an upscale hotel and restaurant with a large, tropical style Palapa or dining room.  Tom describes it as “offering an enticing menu of local meat, seafood and produce that are all combined into delightful dishes that are carefully crafted by the chef and his staff.”  El Pez seemed like my kind of place and today I plan to have lunch there so I will have my personal take on the place later today or tomorrow.

I was totally exhausted after my beach visits so I headed straight for the shower upon returning to my room at Posada Luna del Sol and then a short walk across the street to Barracuda Restaurant where I had a very tasty, grilled fish fillet with vegetables and saffron rice with Cerveza Victoria and a nice flan for dessert.  As Tom said: what more could you want???

Dr. Ron
Dr. Ron
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    Hi Ron, so glad to hear what a wonderful time you are having and how well you are doing! Enjoy every moment!!!

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